Wave Game – Eng

A journey through Contemporary Dance,
a real time generation of Led Mapping Visuals,
and a live session of Electronic Music with analog synthesizers
affecting each others incluiding you.

WAVE GAME is an immersive show based on live generative contents.
A symbiotic system between sound, light and cinetic devices integrated in a dancer cyborg-like character that will lead us to an experimental and different result in each session, integrating the audiance in its game.

The uniqueness of the project lies in its experimental essence: it is an atypical proposal where art and technology are mixed in a joined research to create a new medium of artistic expression for live performing arts.

The dancer’s moving body forms a bio-machine
loaded with technology and connected to different
analog and digital systems.

Her movement will be processed and translated into visuals, pixel mapping and sonic soundscapes. Turning it into a organic immersive experience where visuals, light, dance and sound interact together with the audience to create a new form of art.

The dancer creates the video & music, the light gives the rhythm to the sounds.
Everything is reversed in order compared to the usual logic behind this system of creation.

Our sound
is created by our own Do It Yourself instrument.

Unlike other musical production systems, a modular synthesizer creates sounds directly from the manipulation of a simple sine wave. Through infinite possibilities of processes,
we can evolve this wave until we find exactly the sound we want.

The process chosen in this project is the voltage emitted by a photovoltaic panel
when a light wave strikes it, and which, connected by wiring to the synthesizer,
translates into a sound wave.

This photovoltaic panels are installed on the body of our dancer, the light present in the space is captured, and modificate an associated sound. Through this analog system, and combining light intensities, a variety of sounds will be created to generate music in real time.

Led Mapping Scenography
illuminating the show with live generate pixel visual content.

The scenographic proposal is made up of a modular system of Do It Yourself led strip circuits that
can be easily moved and adapted to any setting.

Through concentric nodes capable of generating pixel mandala shaped motifs, we will draw a very suggestive space in which, gradually, different focus of energy will activate to feed our sound system through the sensors of the dancer.

At the same time, this digital system will capture through different webcams,
installed in the dancer’s body and in the audience to get a new audiovisual information that will re-feed the LED system itself offering different qualities and light intensities that will also serve to stimulate photovoltaic panels.

With a simple and powerful pixel graphic generated in live
by the interaction with the dancer, the music and the public,
we will create environments with a dynamic and even unpredictable evolution
depending on the collective vibration.

Live generative creation
with unpredictable results in each show.

The creative interest of this system lies in the possibility of creating in each performance
a space-time abstraction, where the connection, in all its meaning,
becomes the essence of each representation.

The dancer will be led to each performance with goals set to be achieved but with unpredictable and new destinations each time, always created from the curiosity of discovering her own generative capacity.

Our device also feeds on the ability to learn and the sensitivity of the audience to our incentives. Mobile phones are allowed as our sensors capture any flash and indiscretion,
altering light and sound results instantly. The public will participate in a dialogue between the limits of respect for creation and assertive and absolute involvement in the piece.

Our project is driven by three women,
each representative of a different artistic discipline:

Amber Laparra Blumenfeld

Sound – Technological Concept

French live sound engineer based in Barcelona.
She also rides her musical project called Alpha Decay, an electronic music live perfomance played with modular synthesizers and based on improvisations from experimental soundscapes to electro noisy breakbeat. She dived into the DIY modular scene and began to build her own synthesizer and play lives in differents events like Modular Day Festival BCN 2019, Dutch Modular Fest (NL) 2019, El Pumarejo de Barcelona…



Anna Serra Duran

Choreographer – Dancer

Trained in contemporary dance in different cities such as Barcelona, Turin, Berlin and Tel Aviv. She also studied solfeggio, music theory and violin for 10 years. She is currently based in Barcelona where she combines performing activity with pedagogical projects at the Mercat de les Flors. She is also graduated in Biomedical Science by University of Barcelona (2015) and nowadays studing to become a Gyrotonic© Method Teacher.



Manoly Rubio Garcia

Graphics – Scenery – Led Mapping

Global designer with wide experience in graphics, web, illustration and mural painting. With a training base in architecture and advertising graphics, combines intangible design with a constructive facet based on contact and knowledge of materials, especially the wood with which builds scenery and furniture. In recent years, she has investigated generative graphics creation systems through digital processes, training in mapping techniques and working on live performing projects.



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